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At Razorback Technology, we focus on quality at every stage, from development through production - because we want our products to last. Everything we build is carefully designed and engineered then thoroughly tested on the trail. In fact, more often than not, you can find us out in the Snake River Valley pushing one of our newest prototypes to its limits. Some call it excessive, we just call it R&D. Offering some of the best and most extreme conditions around, the Snake River Valley is the perfect setting to test and develop new products. If we decide that we don't like the way something functions or even the way it looks, we'll take it apart and build it again. Everything we build, we do it the same way. We expect functionality and reliability, because as riders, that's what matters on the trail. Razorback Technology can help your sled or utv unleash its potential, and change the way you ride. 


Created to revolutionize the utv and sled industries, Razorback Technology originated in Paul ID in 2015. Our founders, Jorden Campbell and Justin Maughan, took their knowledge of electronics/embedded systems and combined that with years of experience riding trails, dunes, and tracks to develop Razorback Technology's first innovations. Today, our products can give you the tools you need to kick your ride up a notch. Once you ride with Razorback Technology and discover the reliability and confidence you'll gain on your sled or utv, you'll never want to ride without us again.

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