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H&S Overdrive Transmission Tuning Unlock Code

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Product Information

H&S Performance is proud to announce the "OVERDRIVE" software. A finely tuned engine is worthless if that power cannot be transferred to the ground. In order to meet the high horsepower and torque output of the 6.7 Cummins engine, we have modified the transmission tuning software to better "put the power to the ground". The H&S Overdrive software is specifically tailored to H&S engine tuning software, and will ensure that you get the best performance and reliability out of your transmission.

Black Maxx, Mini Maxx and XRT Pro owners will have the ability to use their existing units to load the "Overdrive" software. Using the H&S downloads section, you will simply update your tuner to the latest software level. Once the tuner is updated, the transmission tuning software is ready to be unlocked. This unlock will require a software purchase to be made from H&S. Once the software is purchased, you will receive an e-mail from a representative of H&S Performance within 1 business day. This e-mail will contain your "Overdrive" unlock code. Do NOT lose this code, as you will need it if your truck is ever returned to stock, then re-tuned. If you lose your unlock code, you will need to purchase another one. This software is LOCKED to your VIN number, and cannot be used on any other truck.

  • Raised line pressures (all gears)
  • H&S Adjusted Part throttle shift points
  • H&S Adjusted Full throttle shift points
  • H&S Adjusted Part throttle shift firmness
  • H&S Adjusted Full throttle shift firmness
  • Adjusted Torque converter lock-up speeds
  • TCM Adaptive memory reset
  • Read / Clear DTC's (OVERDRIVE downloader)
  • H&S Adjusted Torque Management Tables
  • Easily returned to stock in minutes for dealer visits
  • Custom tailored to mate with H&S engine tuning
  • No TCM removal required, all tuning is done through the factory OBDII port
NOTE: All software code sales are FINAL.