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Rudy's 5R110 Built Transmission

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Stage 1:

Our Heavy Duty Transmission Upgraded Raybestos Clutch material and clutch quantity for greater surface area to allow for better holding power. Kolene steels for resistance to heat and wear. Trans is capable of living at 600+ hp applications. The biggest limiting factor of this transmission is the OEM shafts.

Stage 2:

Our H/D trans with a Billet input shaft. Trans is designed for 600+hp applications. Addresses the greatest weak points of the Stage 1 for more reliability.

Stage 3:

Our H/D trans with all our Billet Internals. H/D Billet input shaft, Intermediate Shaft and Low/Reverse Hub. This trans is the ultimate setup for daily driven trucks that have good power and are used for towing heavy loads. Designed for reliable use up to 700hp.

Stage 4:

Our Competition designed transmission. Additional clutch quantity over our XH/D version as well as more aggressive clutch materials. Includes all our Billet internals. Billet input shaft, Intermediate Shaft, and Low/Reverse Hub. Designed for the weekend warrior and 800hp outputs.

Stage 5:

The end all of 5R110 transmissions. Even more clutch material than our Stage 4. More aggressive in all areas. Includes all our Billet internals. Billet input shaft, Intermediate Shaft, Overdrive Planetary, and Low/Reverse Hub.

Add optional choices such as a DPC triple disk converter or a deep Mag-Hytec Pan. We use DPC converters and feel they are an excellent match for the capabilities of our transmissions. For above 700hp we recommend the 13" DPC converter.

Tuning: Rudy's Diesel Performance Transmissions from Stage 1 through Stage 5 will require a custom tune designed for a built transmission. Our Stage 4 and 5 transmissions have modified direct solenoids and more aggressive pump modifications that will require even more custom tuning. Our transmissions also have a 500 mile break in period.

Transmissions come with a limited warranty of 2 years. Shafts are not covered under warranty.

We do NOT accept 03-04 core transmissions. Your core transmission MUST be an 05+.