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We launched FUELAB over 10 years ago with the idea of introducing ground breaking technology to fuel system products. At the time, brushless fuel pumps were generally thought of as a great idea, but costs and manufacturability kept many from pursuing this type of design.

Historically, aftermarket high flow pumps run in a continuous duty mode can lead to excessive heat buildup in the system, which can vapor lock the fuel pump. The liquid fuel literally vaporizes (boils) inside the pump assembly. Symptoms can include a dramatic loss of flow rate, gauge “bouncing”, grinding and excessive noise from the fuel pump, and inconsistent or loss of fuel pressure.

The damage to the pump from this condition is often permanent and results in a direct loss of capacity and efficiency. Eventually the fuel system resorts to complete failure to build or maintain pressure, possibly resulting in an engine lean out condition that can lead to serious engine damage.

A number of fixes were tried over the years to address this specific issue. Multi-pump configurations and voltage regulation into a brushed motor fuel pump were used with mixed results.

Our solution to this problem was to find a way to keep heat from building up in the fuel by gaining efficiency. We set our sights back to brushless motors and attacked the issues head on. We worked to develop custom brushless motors with neodymium rare earth magnets for a powerful motor in a lightweight package. We developed a 12 volt sensor-less drive for the new motors that up until that point wasn’t available in any automotive or industrial market. This new technology allowed for speed input and control devices to run the fuel pump “on demand”, reducing the loads at idle conditions and keeping excessive heat out of the fuel system. We packaged it with a smart, high efficiency sling vane positive displacement pump mechanism and made it all compatible with gasoline, diesel, ethanol and methanol.

Today we call that effort our Prodigy line of fuel pumps. We’re proud to offer them as our first line solution for high horsepower, continuous duty fuel systems. But we’re not about to let all of this learned technology sit as a stand-alone product. Our new 2020 product offering builds on 20+ years of fuel system experience to roll out the next generation of highly efficient fuel pumps and systems. Explore our new updated website for a sneak peek at the future of high performance fuel systems.

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