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Exedy Organic Clutch Kit

Product Information

Price Range: $442.00 - $442.00

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Product Information


  • Ideal Replacement
  • Great Driveability
  • Organic Compound Disc
  • 734 Ft-lbs of Torque @ the Rear Wheels
  • Includes Alignment Tool and Pilot Bearing
  • Fits 2015-2017 GT Mustang


  • Disc Dimensions: 280mm outer diameter
  • 23 Spline
  • Torque Rating @ Rear Wheels: 734 ft-lbs
  • Includes Alignment Tool and Pilot Bearing

Ideal Replacement. If you drive your Mustang GT like it's meant to be driven, it's easy to burn out your weak stock clutch. If you're starting to feel your Mustang's clutch slipping or are getting that unmistakable burning clutch smell, an Exedy Mach 500 Stage 3 clutch is an affordable, upgraded OE style replacement that will fit your budget and your driving style.

Street or Strip. The Exedy Mach 500 Stage 3 clutch is a performance oriented clutch upgrade, offering higher clamp loads without sacrificing driveability. It's perfect for the Mustang that stretches its legs on the street, strip, and track, since it offers smooth engagement with a firm, not rigid, pedal feel.

Premium Quality. The Exedy Mach 500 Stage 3 clutch is designed to offer the durability and performance of a racing clutch with the driveability of a stock piece. To make the Mach 500 kit, Exedy combines an organic compound disc and a powerful, high clamp load pressure plate for crisp yet smooth engagement and great wear. All of Exedy's discs feature spring center dampers to reduce drivetrain shock.

Technical Note. The concentric slave cylinder is not included.

It's recommended that you add an SR Performance Braided Stainless Steel Hydraulic Clutch Line during your new clutch install. Stock plastic clutch lines can fail during aggressive driving. Stainless steel clutch lines help prevent gear lockout and provide superior clutch pedal feel, even under the toughest conditions.