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Torque Tube Exhaust Header System 04 (05-12 Requires 66062) Ford 6.8L Class-C Motorhome E-S/D Super Duty Banks Power

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Product Information

Virtually indestructible 100 percent stainless TorqueTubes maximize exhaust extraction, unleashing gobs of torque. Exclusive tuned-length, parallel 5-tube exhaust manifolds designed specifically for motorhomes. 5-Year Limited stainless steel construction never cracks or blows. Mandrel-formed tubes tune exhaust flow for maximum torque. Patented PowerPickle pulse converter maximizes exhaust extraction. No sealant or gaskets required. 5/8 inch thick flanges never warp. Flanges welded both sides, then milled flat. Includes stainless Y-pipe assembly with seamless Y-collector. Includes necessary heat shielding. 5-Year Limited Warranty

  • Virtually indestructible 100 percent Stainless Steel
  • Mandrel-formed tubes tune exhaust flow for maximum torque
  • Maximizes exhaust extraction
  • Flanges welded on both sides, then milled flat
  • Seamless high-velocity collector
  • Pulls exhaust and slashes backpressure
  • Exclusive tuned-length parallel 5-tube design
  • Patented PowerPickle pulse converter
  • 5/8 inch thick flanges won't warp or flex
  • Includes Y-pipe and heat shielding

Fitment Notes:

  • Fits E-Super Duty
  • For 2005-2009 See P/N 49179

Torque Tube Exhaust Header System for use with 2004 (2005-2012 Requires 66062) Ford 6.8L V-10 Class-C Motorhome, E-Super Duty