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Flight Systems Remanufactured Stock Injector Set

Product Information

Price Range: $1299.00 - $1299.00

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Product Information

High Performance FSEG injectors for 6.0 Liter Ford IH diesel engines offer the ultimate in performance and fuel economy. All injectors are 100% tested and data is recorded for critical engine application checkpoints, to assure a quality product.

  • All High Performance Injectors are tested in a special test vehicle under controlled circumstances using a Mustang Dyno. This Gale Banks recommended dyno provides performance accuracy with conservative results. Unlike other companies that artificially inflate horsepower and torque, FSEG's Mustang Dyno provides true results. In fact, the dyno test results show 303 maximum peak horsepower, 72 horsepower more than the stock setting of 231 horsepower. At the rear wheels, the dyno showed peak torque of 1967 ft. lbs., 498 more torque than the standard of 1469 ft. lbs. of torque. Testing was conducted without chips, exhaust, ram air, etc.
  • These injectors are sold in sets, however they are not flow matched. After testing, all injectors are consistent as far as the amount of increase across the board.
  • Fuel economy for engines for two-wheel drive transmissions with standard 6.0 liter injectors are rated at 21 mpg Hwy and 17.5 City. FSEG Performance Injectors averaged about 20 mpg on the Hwy and at 17.1 City. A Tuner chip coupled with the performance injectors would more than likely bring up the mileage to original. No mileage increase is expressed or implied.
  • Uses only one part number, i.e., P5560B (P in front of the part number designates that it's a Performance Injector).
  • Any 6.0 L core can be used for the core exchange.
  • As typical with most performance related products, these injectors are sold without a standard warranty. However, defective units upon initial installation can be returned for warranty consideration. This would imply a new defective stock policy.