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FLO~PRO Down Pipe Back Exhaust Kit

Product Information

Price Range: $309.00 - $729.00

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Product Information

FLO~PRO has been building some of the best sounding, longest lasting, highest flowing, exhaust systems since 1981.  They are truly innovators in constantly finding ways to improve upon the overall construction of their exhaust systems and components to ensure they can stand the test of time, no matter the environment they are in.  For example, FLO~PRO utilizes lap joint style clamps at most junctions, as opposed to u-bolt style hanger clamps that require crushing the joint to adjoin the two pieces.  This allow you to disassemble the exhaust without the use of a reciprocating saw if the need ever arose.  Further, FLO~PRO exhaust hangers feature a built in radius that follow the contour of the exhaust, allowing them to secure the hanger to the exhaust with a 6-7" weld, as opposed to a roughly 1" weld that would be required with an unbent hanger.