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Ford Racing Short Throw Shifter Kit

Product Information

Price Range: $225.00 - $225.00

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Product Information


  • Official Ford Performance Shift Handle
  • Reduces Shifter Throw by 19%
  • Retains Back-up Camera Functionality
  • Feel and Feedback Dramatically Improved
  • Includes All Necessary Mounting Hardware
  • Allows for Quicker Shifts and Better ET Times
  • Fits 2015-2017 Mustang GT, V6 and EcoBoost Models
  • Reduced Throw Shifter Lever and Pin
  • Increased Durometer Bushing Kit
  • Thread Locking Compound
  • Reverse Lockout Sleeve
  • Jamb Nut
  • Shifter Body Gasket
  • Grease

Get Faster Shifts. Simply put, the faster you can change gears, the faster you go. The Ford Performance Short Throw Shifter Handle, then, is the perfect upgrade for going faster. This kit replaces the mushier, slower factory shifter handle with one that provides more positive control and more engaging response.

19% Reduced Shift Throw. That means you'll cut down on your shifter travel by a large margin with each gear change. This lesser shifter travel is how you get from gear to gear faster, providing better track times and quicker launches. What's more, this kit doesn't sacrifice back-up camera visibility thanks to its innovative design.

Compatible with Most Shift Knobs. This kit doesn't include any particular shift knob, allowing you to customize your shifter further. It uses standard 12mm x 1.25 thread patterns, so you can use most available aftermarket shift knobs - including Ford's own performance knobs for a complete FRPP look.

Installation. Everything you need to install this shifter handle is included in the box, and it requires basic hand tools with no custom fabrication or modification needed. Installation should take about an hour.